Dutch government promises 10 million a year to fight child labour

A motion of the MPs Van Laar (Social Democrats) and Voordewind (Christen Union) to structurally spend  10 million euro to fight child labour worldwide won a large majority in the Dutch Parliament this week.

MP Voordewind  said during the parliamentary debate on the foreign trade and development co-operation budget:  ‘’Again I want to draw attention to the  platform Stop Child Labour because it is such a great coalition. The Minister is also enthusiastic about the successful work that these organizations have done to create child labour free zones. Is the  minister willing to again make money available for this purpose next year?  Minister Ploumen replied: ‘’The coalition Stop Child Labour has indeed achieved good results, as Mister Voordewind also mentioned.

The amount of 10 million is largely a combination of existing financial contributions to various existing efforts against child labour, including 3 million for fighting child prostitution and 4 million to tackle child labour in the supply chain of companies. But in the budget for 2017 two million has been added and Minister Ploumen promised to allocate also ‘at least 10 million’ to fight child labour in the coming years.