Annual Report ‘Out of Work and into School’ – year 2

In May 2014, Stop Child Labour started the ‘Out of Work and into School’ programme.  Supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, within this programme we are strengthening and expanding child labour free zones, where possible and relevant with active participation of CSR initiatives and companies.

Until now, child labour free zones have been developed in 76 areas around the world and almost 10,000 children were withdrawn from child labour or prevented from dropping out of school. Apart from the direct results of the project for out-of-school and working children, we see positive effects for adults and legally working youth.

We have continued our work with CSR initiatives and companies to work in several sectors to combat child labour in their full supply chains, with specific attention to the lower tiers and area-based approach towards child labour free zones. And we have continued to engage with policy-makers and parliamentarians national, EU and international level.

We are grateful for the commitment of all stakeholders, without whom these results would not have been achieved.

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