Case study: Children in the Forgotten Link of the Textile Value Chain project by HPPI India

In order to address the issue of child labour in the textile recycling factories of the Panipat district of the northern Indian state of Haryana, Humana People to People India (HPPI), a New Delhi-based development organisation has since 2013 worked in collaboration with its partner organisations UFF Norway and UFF Finland on providing education to the children of migrant workers.

With support from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and in partnership with the Netherlands-based organisations Arisa and Sympany, in 2018 HPPI launched the ‘Children in the Forgotten Link of the Textile Value Chain’ project.

This case study encapsulates the progress and challenges of the project in attempting to create a child labour free zone in the three wards of Panipat. While providing the contextual realities that promote the practice of child labour in these regions, this document, through the testimonies of the project’s various stakeholders, provides a consolidated perspective of the urgent need of quality education and community engagement in making the objectives of such an endeavour a success.

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