GAWU’s work with the CLFZ in the cocoa areas in Ghana

GAWU’s work with the Child Labour Free Zones in the cocoa areas in Ghana: Watch the video

This video represents years of hard work, partnership and community actions hinged on our believe that eliminating child labour and promoting decent work is possible using the integrated area based approaches towards child Labour free zones. In cocoa, fishing and other in general Agriculture. The model emanating from hard work of partners could also be used in other sectors to eliminate all forms of child labour whilst promoting decent work. We have shared knowledge with other organizations in Eastern and southern African countries and are willing to share with others who want a partnership with us. Thanks a million to the Stop Child Labour campaign/HIVOS/FNV who believed in us and worked together with us on the Omar’s dream project.

Andrews Addoquaye Tagoe

General Agricultural Workers Union GAWU