Child Labour Free Zones Handbook

To share experiences and inspire others to implement and support the area-based approach towards child labour free zones, the international Stop Child Labour movement has developed a handbook with experiences from around the world. The ‘5 x 5 stepping stones’ presented in this handbook have been developed based on the stories and strategies of NGOs, unions and child labour free zone members worldwide. The handbook shows that – in spite of poverty – it is really possible to get children out of work and into school. The handbook serves as a source of inspiration for others in replicating and supporting the concept of child labour free zones.

Any organisation or group of organisations that wants to promote education and combat child labour can adopt the child labour free zone concept. This handbook can be used by community-based organisations, NGOs and unions, but is also insightful for donors, companies and policymakers who want to learn about this innovative approach to stopping child labour.

>> Download ‘5×5 Stepping Stones towards creating Child Labour Free Zones’ (pdf)

>> Download ‘5×5 Trampolines para crear zones libre de trabajo infantil (pdf)

>> Download 5 x 5 Éléments essentiels pour la création de zones libres de tout travail d’enfant’ (pdf)

>> Download ‘5×5 أحجار أساس من أجل إنشاء مناطق خالية من ظاهرة تشغيل الأطفال’ (pdf)