#BehindTheBling campaign: Jewelers should come clean

People spend billions on jewelry every year. But most jewelry brands can’t guarantee their products aren’t tainted by child labour and other human rights abuses.

Stop Child Labour strongly supports the campaign #BehindTheBling of Human Rights Watch together with many others to urge companies to stop child labour and other human rights abuses in the gold and jewelry sector.

This Valentines Day billions will be spent on jewelry for loved ones. However, most people do not know where the diamonds and gold come from. Child and forced labor might be behind the jewelry we wear. One million children toil in mining globally. They can be injured or even killed working in hazardous conditions.

Act now and ask leading jewelry brands what is #BehindTheBling. Encourage them to ensure their supply chain is free of child labour and other human rights abuses.

Join the campaign #BehindTheBling:

Read here the press release: Valentine’s Day: Tainted Jewelry Supply Chains

Read here the full research report: The Hidden Cost of Jewelry

Read here our call to action for the jewelry industry: Behind the Shine: A Call to Action for the Jewelry Industry

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