Kyagalanyi Coffee recognised for reducing child labour in Uganda

Kyagalanyi Coffee, part of the Volcafe group, has helped more than 500 children from poor families in the West Nile sub-region to go back to school. This achievement contributed to their nomination for a Rainforest Alliance Sustainable Standard-Setter Award, which was presented at the Rainforest Alliance’s 31st Spring Gala on May 9 in New York City.

Working closely with UTZ Certified, Community Empowerment for Rural Development, the Uganda National Teachers Union and Dutch NGO Hivos, coordinator of Stop Child Labour, Kyagalanyi has been actively involved in the prevention of child labour in Uganda for several years.

When Kyagalanyi realised the extent of the child labour problem in West Nile, it worked together with its partners to develop a Child Labour Free Zone. With different partners sharing a common goal, they were able to identify many cases of child labour, raise awareness of the risks and change the behaviour of many families. Parents are now sending their children to school instead of work while improving their coffee harvests and performing other economic activities and thereby increasing the family income.

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