And they never lived happily ever after

New research conducted by Stop Child Labour partner organization MV Foundation in India shows the inextricable link between child labour, child marriage and multiple forms of violence. The research “And they never lived happily ever after; the battle for justice goes on” (2017) reflects the voices of married girls in Telangana.

It becomes clear that married girls are extremely vulnerable and at high risk of becoming victims of exploitation and violence. Within a month of marriage, girls plunge into fetching water, sweeping, washing clothes and utensils, cooking and rushing to the fields, walking long distances for wage work or tending to sheep and cattle. They reach home at dusk to continue the next day with aches and pains that get aggravated overtime.

This violence of work with its deadly monotony leaves the girls with little respite or space for leisure, far less thinking or hoping for a change for the better. Read the full article here.

The full research report can be found here.

More information about MV Foundation can be found here.