Number Of Teachers Key To Creating Child Labour Free Zones

London Stone Managing Director Steve Walley writes a blog about an exciting project to stop child labour in the cobble stone yards in Budhpura, India. This project is underway since 2015 when a group of NGO’s and private businesses (Stop Child Labour, ARAVALI, Manjari, ICN, Belgium Stone importer, Stoneasy and London Stone) came together with a simple mission; to eradicate child labour and ensure that all children in the area can go to school.

Budhpura is a rural village in the state of Rajasthan and one of the main sourcing regions for Indian Sandstone. More specifically, Budhpura is widely known as being the key sourcing region for Sandstone cobbles (setts) and due to the nature of cobble production this makes the whole region particularly vulnerable to child labour.

The project has made lots of progress. In his latest blog Steve Walley writes about the importance of having good quality teachers in local schools for realizing the mission of eradicating child labour and ensuring education for all.

You can read the blog here.