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Results and Insights from the Child Labor Free Zone Program in West Nile, Uganda

Together with the rainforest alliance, Kyagalanyi coffee, Ceford, UNATU and Hivos, Stop Child Labour have been implementing Child Labour Free Zones in West-Nile, Uganda.

The rainforest alliance has shared some very interesting reports on the outcomes of the project.

“As is clear from the research presented in this summary, no single organization can tackle child labor alone; collaboration is the key to successful efforts to eliminate the root causes of child labor. The Child Labor Free Zone approach – with its consistent message that all children must be in school – provided an important framework for that collaboration in the West Nile region of Uganda. Yet even without resources to put the full CLFZ framework in place, the research shows that there are many actions that farmers, supply chain partners, government agencies and teachers can take to facilitate children’s access to free and quality education alongside age-appropriate work.”

The Cost and Effectiveness of Three Approaches to Eliminating Child Labor in the Ugandan Coffee Sector :

The summary report:

And about child labour on farms:

Have a good read!

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