SCL partner Andrews Addoquaye Tagoe receives 2024 Iqbal Masih Award

We want to congratulate Andrews Addoquaye Tagoe for receiving the 2024 Iqbal Masih Award on June 5th. “This award indicates that our work in rural communities using the CLFZ approach through the area-based approach is yielding results, even in challenging conditions,” 

Andy has been a partner in the SCL campaign and the Omar’s Dream project with FNV Mondial since 2012. As the Deputy General Secretary of the General Agricultural Workers’ Union (GAWU) in Ghana, Andy is a dedicated unionist advocating for child rights and decent work conditions. Andy’s work in implementing the area-based approach to creating CLFZ led to the Ghanaian Government adopting this method. His charisma and dedication have inspired many people worldwide, helping thousands of children transition from labour to education.

The Iqbal Masih Award honors efforts to combat the worst forms of child labour, recognizing individuals who demonstrate leadership, courage, and dedication to ending child labour. 

Andy expressed his gratitude, emphasizing that the award is a testament to his team’s success in supporting children to access education and adults to secure decent work. He highlighted the importance of global partnerships, especially with Global March and Stop Child Labour partners and trade unions, in striving to eliminate all forms of child labour.

“We are not there yet; there are still children out there. We will reach them through empowering their parents, and creating community systems to ensure permanent prevention and definitive solutions to all forms of child labour,” Andy affirmed.