Shoe company association works on policy against child labour

The Association for Large Retailers (ALR) in shoes is working on ‘a  sector-wide ambition in the field of CSR, including the eradication of  child labour’. That is one of the answers of Minister Ploumen on parliamentary questions on the report Working on the Right Shoes of Stop Child Labour. Minister Ploumen also informs the parliament that this ambition will be ready by summer, ‘after which the ALRS will start implementing this’.

As a result of the parliamentary questions the Minister of Trade and  Development has also had a meeting with the company Shoe Gigant which received a negative score in the report. Shoe Giant promised the Minister to make their CSR policy more transparent. The Minister also requested Shoe Giant to inform her about progress made.

The Ministry also met shoe company Wolky that has not given any reaction to the repeated requests of Stop Child Labour for more information on their policies and practices against child labour in their supply chain.

>> Download the full questions and answers (pdf)

>> Download the report ‘Working on the Right Shoes’ (pdf)