Stop Child Labour launches documentary about fighting child labour in coffee sector

Stop Child Labour is proud to launch the documentary: Fighting Child Labor in certified value chains – An example from the Ugandan coffee sector.

This documentary gives an inspiring example of a multi stakeholder initiative to address root causes of child labour in the coffee sector in West Nile, Uganda.

Stop Child Labour is part of this initiative and works closely together with UTZ Certified (UTZ/RA), Kyagalanyi Coffee Ltd, UNATU (Uganda National Teachers Union), Ceford (NGO), local government and communities. The initiative started in 2015 with the main objective to get all children in the area out of work and into school, thereby ensuring that there is no child labour involved in the production of coffee.  Using a combined community based and value chain approach in the selected coffee grown areas resulted to be succesful. The documentary gives a very nice and complete overview of how we are working together towards creating child labour free zones. Different stakeholders explain about their role and responsibilities in this process of empowering communities to send their children to school and increase their productivity. It becomes clear how these efforts boost socio-economic development and improve the lives of children and their families in the selected communities and beyond.