SCL Mid Term Review 2016

In 2016 a Mid Term Review was carried out in 4 countries: Mali (February), India (March), Uganda (May) and Zimbabwe (September). The main objective of the Mid Term Review was to assess whether the projects were on the right track in achieving their targets and whether any action should be taken to address any issues that may impede achieving the set objectives.

The projects were all at different stages in the implementation process, however they all have the same date as project end. Therefore the issue of sustainability was also an important aspect that was taken into account during the visits: how do partners ensure that a sustainable basis has been created by the project end. In total 14 different projects were reviewed. There are elaborate country reports for each of the 4 visited countries. These reports are for internal use, but can be made available on request.

The synthesis report aims to point out a few common findings and recommendations for the future. During each of the MTR visits, a Most Significant Change Story exercise was also conducted. A synthesis of this exercise and all the stories that have been collected through this exercise will be presented in a separate report.

>> Download the Synthesis report SCL Mid Term Review 2016 (pdf, English)

>> Download le Rapport the Synthese d’Évaulation a Mi-Parcours 2016 (pdf, French)