The story of Vinodhini

Mr. Damodharan and his family from Veerapandi migrated to Tirupur over 4 years ago. The family lives in Pandian Nagar, ward 16, in a house having sticker No. 1375A, Door No: 8/1610A. Mr. Damodharan’s family consists of wife Malathi, daughter Vinodhini , son Vinithkumar studying in class 6 and 2.

Alcoholism made Mr. Damodharan stop working and this created a lot of problems leading the family into a debt trap.  Mr. Damodharan stopped the education of his daughter Vinodhini. The SAVE CLFZ team took the initiative to talk with her parents but it didn’t succeed for some time. Finally the neighbours and house owner joined hands with SAVE to persuaded the family to let Vinodhini to continue  her education. Now, the continued education of Vinodhini is ensured, which makes Vinodhini very happy.