Successful training about Business and Human Rights in India

The training “Responsible Business Behaviour for Creating Child Labour Free Zones” strenghtens organizations in cooperating with companies to realize child labour free production in India.

In November 2017, the first training sessions on Business and Human Rights, that are planned under the Stop Child Labour programme ‘Getting Down to Business’ (2017 -2019), took place in Uganda and Mali. The last training under this programme took place from 26 – 27 March 2018 in Dehli, India. The training was organized by the Stop Child Labour India Platform.

Also in India there was a lot of interest in the training, which was organized as a first step towards further collaboration between local organizations and companies in setting up child labour free zones. Each sector has different challenges and opportunities with regard to such collaboration. The trainings have contributed greatly to the exchange of ideas and best practices between different sectors and actors. And provided new insights on how to work together in the fight against child labour.

Read the full report on the training here.