Not only in the garment industry, but also in the production of leather products and shoes there is a high risk on child labour. The report that was published by Stop Child Labour and SOMO in 2012 “Where the shoe pinches” was the starting point for our campaign ‘We want child friendly shoes!’

With this campaign we rose awareness among shoe companies and urged them to work on better labour conditions within their entire supply chain, with a special focus on child labour. Luckily, a lot has happened over the few years and several companies have made some progress in combating child labour and other human rights violations.

Our report ‘Working on the Right Shoes’ shows the progress that was made in 2012/2013 and what the 28 companies mentioned in our previous report have done so far. Stop Child Labour will keep being active in this sector as there is still a lot to improve in the leather and footwear production. Currently we are working on a research project in the north of India in cooperation with the Fair Labor Association.

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