Since the disaster in Rana Plaza in Bangladesh and publications on modern slavery in the Indian textile sector, there has been much attention for working conditions in the textile and clothing industry. Yet child labour is still prevalent in this sector. Many improvements have been made in the large factories that supply directly to international garment companies, but there is still a lot of (hidden) outsourcing to smaller factories and workshops where there are no controls. Here, the risks of child labour are high. The same applies for spinning mills and cotton fields.

Many of our T-shirts come from South India, where Stop Child Labour also works on eliminating child labour – not only in spinning mills but in the entire area where these mills are located. We work with a number of stakeholders on developing child labour free zones, where all children in a given area are removed from work and sent to school.

Do you want to know more? Please contact us at csr@stopchildlabour.org